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Selling Warfare - Propaganda Posters

Lesson Details

Subjects: Social Studies, Art/Music, English/Languages Arts
Learning Level: High School
Author(s): Ellen Fairbairn and Heidi Olive
Submitted by:


Students will be presented the information from slides 17-22 on the definition,character and purpose of propaganda during wartime. Examples of WWI posters will be discussed and analyzed during class discussion. Finally, the students will be assigned a group to work on a propaganda poster,of their own design, supporting a nation's war effort.

Lesson fundamental understandings:
Essential Questions:

Students will understand:
How important is it for a nation to gain popular support for its war effort and in what ways can this be achieved?

Essential Questions:
1. What impact did the media have on gaing public support for the war?
2. Does the media have the same impact today as in World War I, or is the public less gullible than in the years 1914-1918?


National Standards

Era 7-Standard 2B-Analyze the impact of American public opinion on the Wilson administration's evolving foreign policy from 1914 to 1917. [Examine the influence of ideas.  2.12.2 Integrate, analyze, and or-ganize historical information from a variety of sources. 2.12.3 Analyze and interpret historical content from informational tools, including: charts diagrams graphs maps political cartoons photographs tables

State Standards

7.12.17 Describe the causes, course,character,and effects of World War I including: * imperialism *arms race and alliances * nationalism * weapons/tactics *Fourteen Points *Treaty of Versailles 8.12.4 Describe how cultural developments in the arts, education, media, and leisure activities reflected and changed United States society. 8.12.16 Describe the causes, course, character, and effects of World War II including: *legacy of World War I


Prerequisite Skills

This is lesson #5 of 6. Students will have completed lessons on the reasons for WWI,identifying key players in the war, and they will have completed a map exercise on the war in Europe. Students should have a basic understanding of trench warfare and tactics involved in the Great War.

Teacher Information/Situations/Setting/Time

Time: Students will complete the poster in 1 day, finish it as an outside assignment.
Setting: This assignment can be done either in a regular classroom setting or in a computer lab using printshop or other commercial software programs.


In assessing student work, the following criteria should be included in a grading rubric:,
Propaganda Poster Rubric:
Persuasive language; 1-10 pts., Artistic Expression/Use of Technology; 1-10 pts., Neatness; 1-10 pts., Lucidity of Viewpoint; 1-10 pts., Creativity; 1-10 pts. Total possible: 50 pts.

Student Activity/Tasks

1. Students will take down key elements of propaganda from the PowerPoint presentation. 2. Students will engage in a discussion of examples of propaganda from WWI. 3. Students will list examples of propagands from everyday life. 4. The students will then create a propaganda poster using elements of persuasive writing and visual symbolism.

Enrichment/Alternate Activity:

Forensics: persuasive speech Art: use of color for mood Math: dimensions and dynamics Language Arts: persuasive writing, advertising


English/Language Arts Art Technology

Technology Requirements/Tools/Materials

The poster can be created on a computer, preferably with Internet access. Software recommendations: Microsoft Word, Appleworks, Printshop.


Poster selection: The following websites provide some great graphics:
look in digital classroom
look in the American Memory Collection finder section
look in the social studies section under events

Additional Resources

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