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Learning Interchange
National Writing Institute

Sunday, October 1, 2023
Select a standard (local, state, and/or national)
Translate the standard into a student understanding
Identify focus (essential) questions
Map the knowledge & skills required to reach these understandings

Identify a summative, performance assessment
Map potential formative assessments
Check assessments for aligned with identified knowledge and skills

The Learning Sequence
Logically sequence the concepts students must connect to reach the understandings
Brainstorm activities that you have used that address these concepts
Order the activities to match the conceptual sequence
Critique & identify ways to make the activities more inquiry-based and technology-infused
Review the lessons to determine additional formative assessments that would enhance student learning and to fine-tune the summative performance assessment you wrote
Develop rubrics
Write lesson abstracts to complete your extended unit of study
Fully develop individual lessons to allow students’ construction of understanding through inquiry and technology infusion

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